Madeira: Summer on the isle of flowers


It took me some time to consider: Should it be just one article or a series of articles about Madeira? Now, I decided to write about my Madeira highlights – in just one article. Why? Currently, I spent a lot of time for my job. But I also think that it is perfect to sum up my Madeira highlights in one article. And who know, maybe there will come some more articles during the next months.

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Need to get a breeze of the Baltic Sea

Yes… I know… you didn’t heard something for a long time… My work took a lot of my time so that there was nearly nothing over for writing here. But I have been at home at the Baltic Sea in the last 2 months for 2 times. The first time, I have been in Lübeck, Flensburg and Hamburg. My last visit was to Rostock to spend my time with my family during the Hanse Sail. 

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