Villa Hügel: Visiting the home of family Krupp

Villa Hügel

As I’m back home from Madeira since a few days, I now write about my trip to Villa Hügel in Essen before writing about Madeira. 

I’m now living in Rhineland and close to the Ruhr district since more than a year. And since a few months I wanted to see something here: the Villa Hügel of the family Krupp.  

The Villa Hügel in Essen

As Symbol of the Industrialization in Germany, there Villa Hügel is more than just a residence of business men. Built from 1870 till 1873, the house with its 8,100 square meters is just amazing. I nearly couldn’t realize it that people lived here some decades ago. 

The Villa Hügel has 2 parts – the big and the small house. Wenn entering the big house through the big foyer, it was like staying in the middle of a ballroom. Downstairs there were the social rooms like the library. This one consists of more than 36,000 books at its best times. Upstairs there are the private rooms and the private offices. 

There is an exhibition on the history of the family Krupp and its company in the small building. It’s interesting to see how the generations of the family took on traditions and how they changed the business culture. 

Why should you visit Villa Hügel? 

I like the life in a big city. But there are moments when you want to get out and to see something else. Visiting Villa Hügel was like being on vacation because it’s like entering another world and not remembering being in a big city like Essen.  

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